Social and Environmental Disruptions in DOHaD: Successful Interventions for a Healthy Future


  • Biological mechanisms mediating the influence of early environmental exposures on health and development
  • DOHaD and the (pre-) pregnancy environment including paternal exposures
  • Climate Change and other natural challenges and their impact on development
  • DOHaD in First Nations and Aboriginal Populations
  • DOHaD and Social Inequities (Marginalized populations, refugees, new immigrants)
  • Interventions for optimizing child health and development


October 13, 2021: The DOHaD 2022 Organising Committee plans to hold a full in -person congress in Vancouver this coming August 2022. As Canada begins to open its borders, visitors to Canada are currently required to show a pre-entry molecular COVD test, proof of full vaccination with a vaccine approved by Health Canada, and use the ArriveCAN app. Travel within Canada (by rail, air, and ship) also requires full vaccination.

Up-to-date information on entry requirements can be found here:, and we encourage you to check this site as you plan your travels to Vancouver.

For more information about the program, please visit the DOHaD 2022 Congress website