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DOHAD CANADA @DohadcanadaVery excited to announce the inaugural issue of DOHaD Digest - the revamped newsletter series that aims to serve as a communication channel for @Dohadcanada members and stakeholders, and advertise some of the outstanding DOHaD work being conducted in Canada. months ago
DOHAD CANADA @DohadcanadaRT @CNPRMadmin: We are opening a call for submission of workshop ideas for CNPRM 2021, please send us ideas & format for proposed workshops…3 months ago
DOHAD CANADA @DohadcanadaRT @ANZPRA1: The ANZPRA Virtual Satellite 2020 is just THREE days away - showcasing our early career researchers and exciting placental res…3 months ago
DOHAD CANADA @DohadcanadaRT @VickiClifton842: The impact of maternal asthma during pregnancy on fetal growth and development: a review months ago
DOHAD CANADA @DohadcanadaRT @AnneMoniqueNuyt: Continuing to unravel the (unique) vascular physiology of adults born #preterm. Thanks to all #HAPIstudy participants…5 months ago
DOHAD CANADA @DohadcanadaRT @luseadra: Our newest micro overview paper ("digest") on developmental origins and evolutionary anthropology is just out in early view i…5 months ago
DOHAD CANADA @DohadcanadaRT @KC0nn0r: I’ve been teaching #DOHaD for yrs & am excited to have been selected as one of the recipients of this grant to bring DOHaD to…6 months ago
DOHAD CANADA @DohadcanadaRT @JonMcGavock: Hey there @VernDolinsky @MeghanAzad @stephkereliuk @Dohadcanada this is some very interesting work on exercise, breast mil…7 months ago
DOHAD CANADA @DohadcanadaRT @CIHR_IHDCYH: Deadline tomorrow! Take a few minutes to submit your #COVID19 related project to this pan-🇨🇦 research catalogue & help a…7 months ago
DOHAD CANADA @DohadcanadaRT @Alliance_HD: Please fill out this @CIHR_IHDCYH survey: this important initiative is clearly highly relevant to members of @Dohadcanada.…7 months ago
DOHAD CANADA @DohadcanadaAbstracts ready! Don’t miss out! years ago
DOHAD CANADA @DohadcanadaRT @DOHaD_Society: Abstracts to #DOHaD2019 are now due March 1st! years ago
DOHAD CANADA @DohadcanadaRT @drcnatale: @SJRenaud79 @McGraw_Lab @KC0nn0r @Dohadcanada @CIHR_IRSC Agree! My first @Dohadcanada meeting & it rivaled other big confere…2 years ago