The Canadian DOHaD Society is a globally connected network focused on creating, communicating and translating the latest knowledge on early development to improve the health and well-being of Canadians today and into the future and promote the importance of maternal health and well-being on a global platform.

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Strategic Priorities

Our Society engages in social, biological, clinical and economic research focusing on:


How environmental factors during the early life (preconception-childhood) interact with development to place individuals on trajectories that impact life-long health, learning and social function.


Development of strategies that prevent or reverse negative life-course outcomes, promoting health and wellness and allowing all Canadians to attain their full potential.


Engage in world class, discovery-based research

Our national network includes national and internationally recognized researchers from clinical practice, academia, industry, and government sectors many of whom are already engaged in extensive international collaborations and partnerships.


Delivering high quality, transdisciplinary training and career development.

Recognizing that trainees are our future, our network is committed to creating the best transdisciplinary training environment promoting academic excellence and supporting tomorrow’s research leaders and policy makers.


Promote health and wellness for all Canadians

Knowledge exchange and engagement with government, policy makers and the public is at the core of our mission. Through partnership with these stakeholders, we will raise the profile of DOHaD research; develop, test and implement interventions based on research discovery; and act as a catalyst for promotion of health, learning and social function with a focus on Canada’s most vulnerable populations.